The Company

The Company

The choice for safe and efficient transportation.

Susesea Holdings Pte. Ltd. is a global shipping company headquartered in Singapore since 2014. We operate a modern fleet of bulk carriers which primarily engages in transporting a wide range of dry bulk commodities internationally. Susesea currently controls over 900,000 Dwt with owned vessels in addition to long term chartered and commercially managed tonnages.

We offer cost efficient, effective and reliable transportation solutions to our business partners. We are committed to ensure that cargo arrives on time and in good condition. Headquartered in most efficient shipping country where we are involved in chartering, commercial management, S&P, new building, sourcing for other potential investments and more.

Susesea's core strength is our people and values. Our vessels are managed by in-house team of highly qualified and experienced technical ship management professionals known as Susesea Ship Management. They are specialised in crewing/manning, DPA, CSO, insurance management, technical operations, project management services for new building and supply and purchasing. They have both extensive industry experience and academic credentials from leading international universities.

All our new buildings projects are supervised by our dedicated in-house team. They execute stringent and due diligence procedures, monitor and ensure that the builder designs, builds and delivers the highest quality vessels for us. The team is also responsible for shipyard selection, plan approval, new building site supervision, equipment procurement, commissioning and trials, cost and progress report, dry-dock arrangement etc.

Susesea ensures that all vessels under our management comply with standards mandated by international, local rules and regulations promulgated by flag states, port states, IMO, the classification societies and other industry organisations. The Company management system is designed to operate within the requirements of ISO 9001:2000, ISO 14001:2004, the ISM code and the OCIMF TMSA. We actively participate in the implementation of the company’s management system and provide the necessary conditions to improve performance in the areas of safety and environmental protection at all levels throughout the company.


We live in a fast-changing world. We are mindful of the many challenges and changes that the shipping industry, of which we are part, will be facing in the short and long term ahead. We actively contribute to our maritime industry, to the global economic growth and to the protection of our environment by complying with and maintaining strict, safe operational and navigational standards. We wish to build upon our reputation as an internationally recognised, trustworthy and resilient shipping organisation. It is our aim to be your first choice when you next look for a dry bulk carrier.

We are looking to expand our existing dry bulk fleet; at the same time we are interested in investing in a more diversified fleet. To that end, we have plans to set up an office in Europe to amplify our coverage of the market.