Our modern Sdari design Supramax vessel is safe, robust and reliable to carry a wide range of cargoes in her co2 fitted holds. Her 36 mt cranes together with 13 cbm grabs give faster loading and discharging result.


Our Nacks 61 design has the distinct advantages in loading capability, speed and fuel consumption by the innovative design and construction as well as being more environmentally friendly.

Three latest Tess 64 Aeroline vessels were successfully delivered in October 2017 and January 2018 at Tsuneishi Shipyard.  They are economical, aeroline and environmentally friendly design. Susesea is proud to be the first Owner of Tess 64 series in the world.

Tsuneishi Shipbuilding Co., Ltd. Japan has introduced to market the Tess 64 Aeroline design 63,700 Dwt bulk carrier that is equipped with the new Aeroline technology. It is to reduce wind resistance by 10% which combines the cut-corner design for the accommodation corners in previous models with a newly developed shape for the fore rounded upper bow giving the ship a stylish streamlined design.

Designed for low fuel consumption, the Tess 64 Aeroline is equipped not only with this new Aeroline technology but also with the newly developed TOP-GR (Tsuneishi Optimized Propulsive Gear) propellers for lower vibration and higher propulsion efficiency, and FAIS (Fresh Air Intake System) which boosts the engine’s fuel efficiency through direct intake of cool outside air. In developing a hull shape, which is blunt but low resistance, fuel efficiency was raised by incorporating the proprietary energy-savings technologies and electronic controlled engine, and has resulted in 20% increase of the fuel efficiency compared to conventional Tess 58 models.

The Tess 64 Aeroline also has a shallow draft design to meet port restrictions, and being able to carry even more cargo loads, thereby boosting transport ability of 79,000 ㎥.

Some of our Ultramaxes were certified as ‘Green Ship’ under the Maritime Singapore Green Initiative “Green Ship Programme” led by The Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore.